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I can be a total plonker, but this weekend I astounded myself with an act so staggeringly awesome in it's ....ineptitude..... that even I am embarrassed......

I was toying with idea that I might buy a new s/w radio to introduce my son to the joys of listening to weird radio stations around the world. There is a serious point to this.. it involves father son bonding during the summer vacation; learning about how radios work, learning about foreign places and experience their music, culture and so on....

So I Googled "SW multi-band radio In Hong Kong" to find a retail outlet to visit at the weekend. I found a really informative site but it pointed mainly to US online outlets so I emailed and asked for a bricks and mortar recommendation. It was only after I sent email that I realized that site was US not HK based. (that I could live with)

However two days later I got a response from a gentleman who apologized because he had never been to HK (quelle surpise!) but he'd done a search and found a possible shop in Sham Shui Po(at this point I started to cringe)

Not because he'd done a more effective search but because Sham Shui Po is the home of all things electrical in HK ... and I knew that !!!!

So we all know where I'm probably going this weekend.....

Plan B

But as an alternative I did check out some "radio over the internet" options. In particular TapinRadio which bore a marked resemblance to the old version (v0.4.4) of Screamer Both have a record facility, unlike the new beta Screamerbut Tapin has a neat facility to randomly select stations. This is a mixed blessing because amongst other things it picks up US police and other emergency service transmissions.... Contrary to expectation these are rivetingly boring. I have had more fun listening to HK ATC talking to the planes landing and taking off at Chek Lap Kok One of the gems I did discover was DSZone. HAM radio ... now that's an idea ...

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