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We are the HK division of the iconic Middleburgh Clan of London and Stanmore, which includes amongst it's illustrious doyen's, Rabbi's, Doctors, Barristers, Lawyers, Accountants and other 'big potatoes'

A dynamic high profile and multicultural family considered by some to be one of the most progressive and reputable if not premier expat families in asia we wish to replace William ,our butler, who has recently retired (to manage the Pie and Eel shop in Sai Kung)

This important, exiting and critical position calls for an exceptional and outstanding Elf of high cabibre, who wishes to prove themself by taking the next challenging step in their career, to reach new hights and a brighter future(in our high rise)

Reporting to the "Loban" ( 老板 ) aka the "Tai Tai" ( 太太 ) your role, involving a hands on and engaged approach to the smooth running of our small household, will be that of Personal Assistant/Facilitator/Facilities Manager and "Skivvie" ( 婢女 ) to the family (no rug rats ) and our frequent VIP list of houseguests who include amonst others

On occasion you will travel overseas and elsewhere with "The Cow in the Lift" or down the "wire"with the Gremlins, Mike and Niel.

The right individual for this post will be a reliable Elf who has demonstrated that they work well under pressure in a professional, responsible and organised way. Prior or related experience is not as important as "attitude", although a proven track record in dealing with crisis situations would count in your favour.

You should

  1. have a yoda like disposition and sense of humour
  2. have a Higher Majic Diploma from Hogworts and be able to spel (in both senses)
  3. have good interpersonal and intercultural skills.(Iranian,Koran or similar advantageous)
  4. be multilingual (fluent in Cantonese, Putonghua, English (Roseland or Estuary dialects)
  5. be able to cook classical European dishes (fish and chips; curries; snake & pigmy pies, spotted dick) as well as asian (emergency noddles; steamed cantonese dishes, spicy chicken feet etc)
  6. have a good working knowledge of the Sarbanes Oxley Act as it applies to SOX Complience in the domestic workplace.
  7. be qualified in Panamanian Hat Restoration and Maintenance
  8. be a qualified Petanque coach

Competitive salary and benefits offered negotiable to the right applicant
To apply for this position please leave your details using the feedback function below .......

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