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Starship Troopers Revisited

What captures true "Britishness" better than a good (or indeed bad) Limerick( consider the contradiction in terms!!).As Haiku is to the Japanese then so is a Limerick to us "Brits".

Yet in the distant past it was not a Limerick that people gathered arround their evening fires to listen to. It was to tales of derring do , of heroes challenged by overwhelming odds who triumphed snatching victory from defeat or vice versa. Tales such as the Epic of Gilamesh or the Beowulf Saga and indeed the Harry Potter series.

What follows is in the same oral tradition of similar epics recanted long ago whilst the shadows thrown by the fires danced across the paintings on our cave walls....

Now gather arround ......

Let me tell you about the door that got broke
It's a sad tale of the roach and a bloke
Unfortunately my kitchen door,
became an unwitting casualty of war,
when during a premptive attack,
the roach were beaten back.
Next morning there were curses and cries,
when my wife discovered the door's demise,
I just knew I should have fixed it before she awoke !!

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