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So we flew Cathy Pacific into Changi. And Jetstar you ask ? A good question !! - brand loyalty or perhaps a superior selection of inflight movies ??

On arrival we gravitated with unerring accuracy to the slowest immigration queue - actually that was the queue next to ours - a woman started giving out to the staff after about 30 minutes.... Anyway since we normally go through the residents queues in HK and the EU queues at Heathrow what would we know about typical queuing times? With our carry on luggage we cleared customs then waited for the shuttle bus to Katong Village, where we promptly went native and ate out at the local hawker centre. There, my wife in the excitement of the moment, unintentionally donated her umbrella to the (more) needy before/as we left to go walk about.

We oh'd and ah'd at the old buildings,pointed out their quaint architectural features to our 6 year old and those of the jaded westerners in the various eateries and bars we passed . I didn't draw attention however to the man in a shop front dressed like a Taoist Priest who was running a cup over a woman's back. The shop was named "Ghost Busters" and my first thought was that I was watching a possession checkup or an exorcism of a minor demon/spirit or something similar (well ...the shop name was a bit of a give away). Not the sort of thing you see in HK ...not even in Kowloon ..although it has been rumoured that ghosts stalk the streets in HK on June 4. Apparently the Ghost Busters of Katong are well known in Singapore .....and even count the niece of ex-China President, Jiang Zemin amongst their client base .....but on reflection it was probably a quiet day with few ghosts to bust and I was probably just watching some traditional Chinese medicine being practiced.

The following morning we headed off to LEGOLAND (in Malaysia) which in retrospect is a pity. Firstly my wife (who I love dearly) was on a roll and donated my phone charger to the hotel/next guest. My fault I said we should take mine .... Secondly we didn't get to see any of Singapore's other attractions such as

Instead Team MIDDLEBURGH swanned off to do the triple in Malaysia, successfully misplacing #3's hat, which was last seen on his head beside a giraffe...

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