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Lacking something .. On Friday I came to conclusion that I teetering on the edge of "boredom" and that the last couple of weeks had been ..."blaa"

On this note I fled to the net to cheer myself up ... and Google'd "humour" (as opposed to "jokes" or the more obvious 'craic' ) this returned amongst other things a lot of french cartoons. As it happens there are a lot of french kids in my son's new class so going with the flow I delved deeper down to some french humourless videos on YouTube where in the side bar I spied a bikini'd woman on a beach (another topical subject here -serendipity or what?) Could I resist...

Suitably uplifted I browsed further taking my lead from Joshua's 5 Ways To Enrich Your Life By Developing A Sense Of Humor ... get a life,boy.... !!!

Vlad 31 Moscow Seeks Serious Relationship with view to Union. Western looking girls need not apply

But I have to say that my ultimate fallback is KIM.... just have to look at this weeks posts in the Rodong Sinmun and it puts life ito perspective Kim Jong-Un seeks personal grooming tips

And I did find this Regrettably a bit close to home but if you can't larf at yourself who can you larf at

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