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Eurotrip 2006 Bruxelles

a story in 3 unequal parts

Belgium Waffles

When we returned to the UK the immigration officer asked what was the purpose of our visit to belgium. We looked him straight in the face and said "Food" . He understood. Belgium undoubtedly has the best food in Europe. Every invading army sweeping across the belian plains, from time immemorial has left the best of of it's cuisine to the locals. French Food - forget France - go to Belgium. Why do you think that Nato is headquartered in Belgium or that the European Paliament and Commision is in Belgium - because Belgium is stategically and centrally located in Western Europe or because the governments could not agree on anywhere else - on your bike !!!~- its because of the food is so good. Amongst our reasons for visiting belgium -simply to get a decent meal in europe.

Alas the brown cafe of yester year has gone upmarket so on our first night we scouted and found Amedeo round the corner The premises had either been a fishmonger or butchers previously and although we had the obligatory Mussels and Chips, the restaurant seemed to specialize in beef and other diners were eating what appeared to be excellent steaks and even steak tartar (beef has to be good for that!!)

In the morning we fell in step with other tourists in Bruxelles, pausing at every restaurant in clusters, reviewing the menu and earnestly discussing the relative merits before moving onto the next. All day can be spent working out were to eat in the evening. In fact doing "tourist sites" is a distraction.

On second night we went to a traditional belgium restaurant for the Beauf carbonade which was excellent if a bit rich. Imagine our disapointment as we left when we realised that the signature dish of this restuarant was a belgium sausage coiled like a python amongst steaming mash which looked absolutely mouth watering. If only we had known !!!

On third and last night we went to the local Gallic equivalent of a TJ Fridays for ribs and steak. Not quite the same standard as Amedeo, but the restaurant was atmospheric and people watching was fun (we were probably the only tourists)

Of course we had lunch: at a chinese (cantonese spoken) and at Macdonalds; (FYI There are only 5 McDonald's in Bruxelles as compared to 55 on Hong Kong Island alone) It goes without saying that their coffee and chicken salad were exceptional.

Of course you cannot discuss belgium and food without mentioning

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