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For those of you that visited this post before .. tough luck .. I changed it !! My blog ... my rules !! for first time visitors .. welcome

So the story is this : I have invited both my son and daughter to visit me. In a recent facebook chat with my daughter indicated, that she, if push came to shove could cope with sleeping in a car. Although said in jest this is apparently based on her extensive experience whilst doing the Irish/European music festival circuits

So I have been exploring on the web for inexpensive holiday accommodation (a step up from kipping in the car) and I discovered some resources NO PRESSURE ON YOU KIDS !!) for them to peruse to see if there is anything suitable in their budget. (and yes I am open to discussions concerning a subsidy !)

The subsidy of course won't apply to any one else who reads this;They can just be thankful that out of the goodness of my heart I decided to post the links here !!

PS Sarah - I thought you were going to do some thing with your hair !!

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