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A feeble excuse but I have been so overwhelmed by work since the beginning of the year that I simply have not finished most of the posts which I started - but there you go - there's always another day ...

And in those infrequent moments between work, bed, food, sex etc I have become a voyeur of the 2 min youtube video clip- Well why not !

It all started with "Humpty Dumpty which, of course as everone except Ricky Gervais knows, was a forward reference made by Doctor Who, in the next series, to the results of the recent Norwich North By-election and a commentary on Gordon Brown. Not as most people believe about the Royalist cannon mounted in the tower of St. Mary's at the Wall Church, Colchester which was destroyed by Parliamentary forces in the summer of 1648. I mean how farfetched!!

The interesting thing about english language Children's Nursery Rhymes on YouTube is that they are nearly all uploaded from India. Clearly a legacy from the British to the children of the Empire of which we Brits should be proud (maybe?). Next year I expect to find some absolutely fabulous Nepalese nursery rhyymes about Johanna Lumley!!

In contrast Ricky's video comes from a more mature post empire perspective and I am looking forward to his penetrating insights on parliamentary expenses and Swine Flu. I am sure he won't mind me mentioning but I don't particularly like his TV shows (I doubt if he is a fan of this blog!)

And why my passing interest in childrens nursery Rhymes - doing contingeny planning for when my grandchildren visit or vice versa !. I confess to also checking out Sesame Street, Captain Pugwash, Popeye ( I especially like the Russian language versions), Looney Toones and Tom and Jerry cartoons. My personal taste howver is for more edgy content. I was particularly taken with "Pib and Pog" and the "Snowy the Frostman Series both of which seem to have current social relevancy ....(yeah right !!).

Of course it was inevitable that I would discover the odd video that would simply appeal to my perverse sense of the absurd. Included amongst these would be "Lovely Rita" (I once saw the Beatles Live!!); The slugs show cased top left (nothing like the Podigy but who gives a rats arse); "Hippo and Dog" (I identify with the dog - I am not sure why ?)

A particularly rewarding moment though was when I stumbled across the video which answers a question which has been keeping me and many like minded university graduates up late at night for many years "Do Penguins Fly"

well if you can't laugh at youselef ..who can you...


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