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It's Soccer Time once again

After beating Hull 3 - 0 last Friday night in Beijing to take the Barclays Asia Trophy, Tottenham Hostspur flew into HK for a friendly against South China FC in the "National Stadium". (I didn't even know we had a National stadium!!) Spurs lost in HK 2 - 0 But then again Chinese Football teams don't really buy into the concept of friendlies as recently demonstrated by the U19 Chinese Womens Team playing against the Australians in Singapore.The Chinese beat the Matildas 2-1 and even though they won a punch up ensued

Of course if a fracas had occured with the Spurs team they may have required the services of a dentist. As it so happens they have (or had) a team dentist who coincidently is my cousin.

Now Peter (of Stanmore) has always been an avid support of Spurs and frequently travels abroad for away matches. Indeed in March the Daily mail mentioned that "Tottenham's tooth expert is a regular on all their foreign trips and 'Arry (aka Harry Redknap) even took him to the Ukraine recently for their UEFA Cup game at Shakhtar Donetsk." (they lost and as a consequence exited the contest)

Unfortunately since I didn't get a call that he was in town, I have to assume that he didn't visit China or Hong Kong. I mean if he did he would surely have called if for no other reason that to arrange my dental checkup.... and meet the wife...

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