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Over the last two weeks I have struggled to manage my media "intake". A case of too much to read, watch or listen to and not enough time to do it in. I blame myself for starting too many projects at once. Project management not my strong point!

For first time in ages I have library books which I renewed because I haven't had time to finish them. Our public library in Honk Kong has been acquiring new stock some of which has been surprisingly good and for which there is a strong demand. I also have a backlog of audiobooks which I haven't listened to although these can wait as well as a backlog of comedy podcasts. These unfortunately age since their subject matter is topical. Fortunately I have no unread eBooks.

One of the reasons I am "behind" is because I have just started listening to S/W radio with my son. We have a target of listening to 5 new stations a day (if only for a few minutes) to build up a list of stations to revisit. I am introducing my son to "world music" including "Bluegrass" from Ohio*

Another reason was that the BBC shutdown it's ChannelReviewer website to which I was a subscriber last weekend.The purpose of this site was to let reviewers rate pilot programs which might subsequently be bought/shown. In truth, in 2 years, I hardly ever visited the site, but last weekend before it disappeared I watched 6 programs back to back, a couple of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I spend some time working out how to get follow up episodes - surprisingly cheap - iTunes - (the bad apple, and yes that was a pejorative comment!!)

This exercise set me thinking about watching other UK TV programs (not necessarily available on iTunes etc), so I found a Wikipedia page to search for British TV programs by genre, I looked up the episode lists for some of my favorite series from the past (well what wrong with golden oldies!!) ; I updated my portable copy of SMTube/SMPayer and set about finding down loading for later viewing (all takes time though - god knows when I will get time to watch them).

And apart from the SW radio I also read to my son every night...My wife insists!!

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