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Cyril Squirrel, Wanstead, LondonDay 3 - what a momentous day !! Up and out at 7am - saw my first squirrel in the car park. Saw the second one behind the war memorial along the High Street, hopping and skipping through the grass like a demented rabbit in heat. Either suffering from an identity crisis or had been at the magic mushrooms. Wouldn't stay still for the Photo Opportunity !! Chased some pidgeons - no mental health or substance abuse issues there - just obesity impairing their ability to take off! Eventually mum and dad and I arrived at the kids playground next to the library. (3 days to get there - would you belive it!) Not as compact or well maintained as home - but they had a Tractor, swings, roundabouts, slide and climbing frame - all the basics. I got so excited I actually poo'd! Played for about an hour then left when the Bank Holiday crowds arrived.Jamie Middleburgh in Pursuit, Wanstead, London

Dad got stressed - since it was Bank Holiday Friday every thing was either shut or opening late including the cafes and bun shops - he was worried that I am not eating properly. I had had some fruit for breakfast - evening before I went out and had a little Tandori Chicken ,rice, Aloo Gobi and Nan, (the bread type of nan); the night before I had a little steamed pork, choi and rice (didn't tastle like home though) and tonight I went for a Vietnamese; beef and choi, chicken ginger and sping onions , rice. Very good - not smothered in oyster sauce - the only thing that was vietnamese was the Spring Rolls and dippng sauce!!)

Aaron MiddleburghDad got some sushi and sarnies for breakfast from Teso (which was open - all hail mamon!!) and we Went up to nans to eat. I was given a new car: (she's so good to me!!) Day before was a yellow VW Beetle taxi ;This one was a white BMW X6 with full sound system (depending which door I opened). Big bruv Aaron got down on the floor and we raced cars up and down carpet.(I like carpet - reminds me of alphabet mats but with texture). Aaron is really good at making "vroom" noises and crashing the cars. Dad said this was a side of Aaron he had never seen before - just before he gave him my Thomas the Train Books and asked him to read them to me - dad's a chancer. Next thing you know he will be arranging for Sarah and Julia to visit me in HK

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