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I am a silly Billy

How embarrassing... all it took to fix the "previous post" problem was a quick cut and paste.

My usability test team has suggested that site navigation was a challenge possibly requiring a Masters degree and as such perhaps beyond the fruits of my loins.

they even went so far as to question

  1. whether I was acquiescing to the wishes of the the Middleburgh Matriach, she who iscustodian of the (good) Middleburgh Family name, by preventing access to dark Middleburgh family secrets, or
  2. whether I was deliberately employing a subtle chinese puzzle stategy, to self select only descerning readers of demonstrable intellecually superiority , who are "worthy" to share the witty literary gems and profound insights to be found herein, or
  3. whether it was simply a "cock up"
The answer was "3" ... just call me Dennis |
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