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Winding down from a hectic shortbreak after Malaysia LEGOLAND.

Did you know that Airports can be ranked by their toilets... its true!! Regretably the gent's restroom at T1 Changi in Singapore, although immacculate (at least the one visited by my son and I was) had a wee flaw. There was an appropriately sized child's urinal but not a washbasin, only deep ultramodern bowls on a high "work" surface. My 6 year old son could hardly reach the lip of the bowl let alone the faucet. The designers had clearly failed to think the concept through..... tut tut!!

OK so today after breakfast, it was off to cyberport to catch "How to Train Your Dragon 2" in 3D. You would have thought we had enough excitement on the rides and slides in LEGOLAND this week. This was followed by a leisurely lunch then home to surf the internet to catch up on the week and play. Oh joy!


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