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Middleburgh Makeover

Nearly 3 months has passed since I last had a moment to make a post here (not that this counts) ... What can I say ...I have been busy ... I visited London end of April (more will follow) ... I got a filipina house-elf end of May (more will follow) .... I got new techno toys for me - (more will follow).. and I am doing new projects at work ...

I have however decided to try microblogging to fill in the temporal gaps between major posts and have embedded twitter (well why not!!) under the"other" tab.

I don't expect anyone will look at it any more than anyone posts comments against my posts . Well that not strictly true. The problem is that I forget to check and by the time I do the moment for a response has sort of ... well .. past.

So my apologises fro the three people who recently (in the last year)took the time to comment.

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