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Today I had a visitor referred from the BlogShares Dead Blog Finder (v1.0) site

Neat idea... but MIDDLEBURGH is NOT dead.... merely entertaining Paddy's, working my nuts off, waiting out the Typhoon season (Pabuk returned!!) and biding time till the HONG KONG District Elections later this year ......

Democracy is not simply about "one man/one vote", or the Queens Pier (RIP) or even how effective the political parties have been in addressing grievances about the M590 bus route...

What we all need to know is where the local candidates stand on the Southern District !!Sewage Project...

Now you may well ask whether I care that I have a visitor from Blogshares Dead Blog Finder, and presumably have been declared dead ..

Well frankly I don't.

The last time I looked this site showed up in first 10 results in Google when you did a search for MIDDLEBURGH, and site traffic is reasonable albeit declining. My little piece on Cyprus gets a staggering number of hits - must be the restaurant review - closely followed by the "seafood and saffron rice recipe" and the couple of articles on Brussels - I have just realised -- the foodie bits work.

Blogshares.com ...now that's a fantasy stockmarket ?.... well... there is only one relevant post on this site ...

and whilst my nag may still be running, in the real world (so I am told) some of us make some REAL dosh in Chinese shares


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