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I hope he doesn't take this personally but I have decide to replace this blog's background image of Kim, who was pointing approvingly to my posts. He served me well and I appreciated his endorsement but his time is past.

In truth I am not sure whether or not I am a little bit disappointed with him. I can't make up my mind whether he is all mouth and no trousers and simply wimped out on celebrating the 101st anniversary of this grandfather's birthday by not test firing either a ballistic or short-range rocket (ie he didn't get it up) or whether he is an astute and savvy bugger following in the steps of Winston Churchill by practicing "Jaw Jaw" not "War War" . We shall see....

So there I was casting arround for an alternative and topical background. I followed up a news clip about Alice Eve transforming into a buxom blonde in a sexy black frock for the Startrek premier after party in London last week. My wife however exercised editorial control and vetoed using that and also the two alternatives I suggested, specifically a Chinese Girl with a cleavage and the adjacent Black Hoody which I thought was quite tasteful

Instead she suggested that I find another public figure whose stature was on par with that of KIM. Someone worthy to replace him. It was a no brainer really.

I did briefly consider Nigel Farage since he is a man of the moment but this is a serious blog and I really didn't want to devalue it by associating it with a moppet.(absurd idea!!) In fact I have a hard time conceiving why British voters would choose to vote for him or his party. It's as unfathomable as why US voters would chose Mitt the Git for President. (Mind you I do concede that the current troika of Dave, Nick and Ed leaves a lot to be desired)

Now I do understand that some will feel that I am being unfairly dismissive of Nigel, even that I am out of touch with the electorate etc so to show that I had given due consideration to him, I prepared a couple of video's (Big Nigel and Little Nigel by way of an "Homage"

FYI , every time I type Nigel the "type ahead" function in my browser auto corrects to Miguel.... Does it know something about Miguel the rest of of us should know about ?? )

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