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Today we went to IKEA in Central. As always it was a multicultural experience best savored once or twice a year at most. FYI Central on a Satuday morning can be compared to London's Oxford Street (without the tat) or Dublin's Grafton Street.

And after Sogo (or perhaps before) IKEA is the place where everyone goes if only to be seen. Typically it's clientele includes newly arrived expats who have to furnish their wee box, newly weds starting out who basically need a bed plus..., not so newly weds with growing kids seeking an appropriate furniture upgrade to keep pace with changing needs, (today we fell in that category) people moving to a new apartment replacing old or broken (IKEA) furniture or those just looking for a change. Personally I don't enthuse over the furniture although I do think everything else they stock is actually quite good value including the Swedish books which are liberally scattered everywhere. We ended up coming away with a chest of draws for Jamie (he has more storage than the rest of us put together) and a high tech alarm clock that tells the temperature to wake him up for school.

In HK IKEA is famous for 2 things (apart from the obvious) The restaurants in its 3 stores are extremely popular. A favorite are the Swedish meatballs and people come to IKEA just for the food - McDonalds eat you heart out !!

The stores have also mini food halls copying Marks &Sparks but selling Swedish munchables and drink as apposed to British munchables. IKEA lager for 10HK$ a bottle, Frozen meat balls , gravelax, picked herring and more. Today we decided that we would return in a few weeks for a food shop so that we could cook a Sunday "Swedish" meal.I have even sourced recipes Maybe a surprise for Patrick when he visits ...

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