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Middleburgh Cork'd

This special post is for my many recent visitors from southern Ireland.

Thank you for all the attention... although I must say it took you long enough....

I thought long and hard (for at least a minute) about whether I could reach out , show you I cared, and add something of special interest to you. In end the end I decided ... what the hell!!! forget the Cork webcam with Abba singing "Watching Me, Watching You" .....

Dara O'Briain

Tommy Tirnan

and in conclusion

I actually couldn't find either a webcam in cork or the abba clip but I did find these .. enjoy
The Abba Megamix
Bill Withers

Thank you very much for flying with us today .... as you leave please check to make sure you have all your hand luggage with you.

We look forward to seeing you again and if you have any special requests please leave a message in comments "Box"

and for those who want to know more about what going on in Cork, Ireland

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