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Stairs to ICBC,photo by D.Middleburgh

Middleburgh Speculates

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China was simultaneously floated a couple of weeks ago (October 27) on the HKSE (1398) and Shanghai SE with much fanfare; The five underwriters happen to include Merrill Lynch, in whom I happen to have a passing interest. In entepreneurial HK unlike Shanghai, people got into the spirit of things and longqueuesformed to buy shares on the morning they went on sale.

So did the punters do well or would they have been advised to simply bet on the Melbourne Cup ??

Well, the chart says it all...

The presssing questions are

What would I know - My fancy in the Melbourne Cup is still running.... I was however struck by the symbolism of the stairs at side of the ICBC building. Depending upon which way you look at them, they either but then as I said what do I know ......... |
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