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New Academic Year; New School ; New Classmates; New Teachers; New Shoes

Tomorrow #3 son returns to school. Today we met his class teachers, (Colombian and Chinese), and some of his new classmates' parents, only to be surprised at how many have just arrived in HK with kids whose mother tongue is neither English nor Chinese. Oh the joys of an International School!! I bet the next few days are going to be a roller coaster ......

Still he's been looking forward to it all summer... Like most kids in HK he was on summer courses. Last year he did "arts" (painting, dance etc); This year he did sports (Football, Gymnastics, Swimming) and... Yoga. He also did advanced "Lego" Engineering (with motors and things). This, in addition to his summer homework (copious amounts of English and Chinese reading) and weekly Taekwando, Violin. He even had to prepare for a concert last weekend at the Sheung Wan Civic Centre In fact he was been so busy I can do with a rest.

Actually there is a whole load of things I would have liked to have done with him if we had had time


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