To inform entertain and excite my kids, Jamie, Patrick, Aaron & Sarah Middleburgh, our family and friends.

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Naff Challenge 3

The mission is, to enhance this blog, to more fully meets its' objective of entertaining and exciting my sons, the Middleburgh clan and our friends. A key stategy to achieve this, is to make more effective use of images.
This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from Middleburgh tagged with Middleburgh. Make your own badge here.

This is driven by the following key considerations:

Middleburgh Photos

I have experimented with different approaches, testing their fit to mission. I simply could not pass up on implementing a photo gallery based on Stu Nicholl's excellent CSS demos - very classy - in fact the "smegging bees knees"!!. I am pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated photo blog, a sibling to this miserable offering.

Toys for the Boys

Although other approaches did not excite me as much, those listed below have potential, and may be used hereafter subject to:

Scrollers and SlideSows

I like scollers ; They are eye catching and you can pack lots of images into a small space. Slideshows are simply 1 picture at a time scrollers.


Aberdeen Harbour Hong Kong 1 photo by D.MiddleburghAberdeen harbour Hong Kong 2 photo by D.MiddleburghAberdeen Harbour Hong Kong 3 Photo by D.Middleburgh 

Simple but effective (although occasionally they need a page refresh to load.)

Flash Strips

This is a basic strip from photobucket - you can't specify the size of the generated flash but you get scroll controls and mouseover pausing. A more sophisticated alternative is FilmLoopLike flash it required a plug in to play


The display dimensions are fixed in the generated flash files produced by Photobucket or FlickR.Resizing in HTML simply crops the image. Bucketshows, although lacking scroll control, are more practical within this blog than Flickr Slideshows simply because they are smaller, Flickr slide shows however can be externalized

Stamps and Badges

The Flickr Badge (top right) is more pretty and functional than the Bucketstamp (above)and although its easier to embed different stamps in posts with some fiddling you can also embed different badges in different posts (I understand this is not generally known).

Photo Galleries

Middleburgh Photos can speak for itself.

There does not seem to be any problems with Firefox unless you have a slow connections (thats life).IE occasionally appears to suffer from indigestion (if the images download fast?)Need to clear local cache since refreshing page does not work. After optimizing I tested the load times for an identical post using same images hosted respectively on flickr and photobucket. There wasn't any significant difference in load times but it was more efficient to load images into Flickr using their upload tool although SE meaningful image names were lost.

The other alternative to building and displaying a photogallery is to leverage anexternal site eg Flickr Photo sets.,

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