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Middleburgh - Game Report

Here are the half time statistics from the Middleburgh-IMGUR games. It's been hard fought match with lots of interesting learning lessons on the side and occasion moments of "humor".

FYI I was getting bored and contemplating suspending or abandoning play but I have recently been joined by some Chinese Thought Police (much nicer type of person than the Triad bully boys down at Mongkok) They seem to object to "Umbrella's" and want to play "down vote" with me so I might play on for a bit. More on this latter....

In my last post I put up some targets which were based on a statistical analysis of my first 30 posts. I posted a total of 86 images over a 20 day period to 9 September. I caught one snitch (500,402 view and had a near miss (111584 views) A total of 5 images were pulled down (net like less than -10) The median sentiment was 82% ie 4 likes out of 5. There were 4 posts with less than 1000 views, 4 with less than 10 votes, 17 with 0 favorites and 2 without comments. And, not that it matters, as at today I have a user score of 1708 which I understand puts me ahead of 55% of IMGURS users (hence the cryptic reference to half time)

Summary Analysis

Top 20%20973559
20% Target200035 510


I mentioned earlier that that there were some interesting learning lessons; These included And I also mentioned there was some "humorous moments" which more precisely were witty repostes to the images I had posted or to comments incurred.There are some very funny people out there may they live long and prosper .

And now to the Chinese Thought Police..

As you may be aware, currently in HK there is a little difficulty. The head of the "family" has made an unpopular (and if I may suggest unwise) decision which has been challenged by some of the kids. There is a concern that other family members will similarly throw tantrums and disrupt their betters "harmony" . In a patriarchal society this is serious stuff... so kids over the border they have had their internet privileges withdrawn and they are getting an earful from their elders. Concerned neighbors are also being told to "bog off" (concerned comments = interference) and all the aunts and uncles have been told to close ranks and prevent airing of the families dirty linen in public. In practical terms this means that Chinese State in addition to censoring media within china is seeking to manage the debate outside. It is, for example, paying people to post comments on non Chinese websites to counter articles and sentiment which support the students and protesters in Hong Kong. bluntly they are crawling all over social media trying to control the argument (this is what a propaganda machine does and credit to them - they are very good at it)

Now to show solidarity with the students (and exercise my right of free speech while I have still got it ) I posted an image which on one hand laments the student radicalization by the government and on other quotes Mao Tse Tung to remind the party cadres that it's actually their responsibility to sort out the reactionaries in Beijing. (didn't go down too well!) Nor did subsequent images which mocked the use of tear gas against unarmed students. With 2 exceptions (which got missed) these were quickly down voted to get them pulled to kill debate. These are the statistics for these images to date

Summary Analysis

Cancelled Fireworks1799LiveNA
Umbrella + Bush1073Pulled60 mins
Umbrella + HM QE2427Pulled30mins
Umbrella + Obama464Pulled30mins
Umbrella + Pope1423LiveNA
Umbrella + Space1150LiveNA

There is a significant and different pattern in views, votes and comment as compared to my other posts (including the ones with North Korean images). I look at it this way. I have kept someone in gainful employment looking at my posts, I may have amused him/her (I assume they looked at the other images); whilst they are looking at my posts they are not looking at other stuff which might be more "damaging". I have a captive audience and based on what they get pulled I will simply re-post it elsewhere.

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