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USS MAKIN ISLAND Well why not ... Snowden has been and gone.. We've had a Frenchy drop by (French Navy surveillance frigate Prairial) and one from Singapore (whose name escapes me) or maybe it was Indonesia ?... There may have been others but I haven't been paying attention - SHAME ON ME !!!

Anyway as luck would have it I looked out the window this morning at 8am and there was the USS Makin Island making way up the Lamma Channel. She's been here before.. but on principle I took photos,

USS SAN DIEGOOur helper had to visit doctor this morning and so I had to take #3 son to his "yoga" classes ... He doesn't believe me when I tell him he has to practice emptying his mind so that he will be light enough to levitate.... This meant that I also caught the USS San Diego at 9am before I dropped off #3 and when I came back after dropping him off I caught USS Comstock at 10am .... after which I went to work (It's a hard life and someones got to do it)

USS COMSTOCK So we have a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship (USS Makin Island) whose task is to embark, deploy, and land elements of a Marine landing force in an Amphibious Assault. A San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock designed to deliver a fully equipped Marine battalion (to theatre) and a Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship missioned is to "transport US marines and their combat equipment to designated areas around the world and then to launch them against hostile shores" (I quote the ship's CO)

In a nutshell we have Expeditionary Strike Group 3 in transit from their home port in San Diego...... I wonder whose arse they are going to kick .....

Anyway the pictures are up on flickr so enjoy. Of all the pictures I have posted on flickr the warships get the most hits (so I realized the other week when I was looking at my picture Statistics) USS Paul Hamilton comes tops with the Chinese frigate DDG-171 Haikou following (the latter driven by traffic from wikipedia I am a reference .. hehe!! ) and in the last week there has been strong interest in USS John S McCain (don't ask me why)

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