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Last Saturday, instead of a pleasant stroll locally or even a forced march across Hong Kong Island (to be covered in a future post), I was coerced (there is no other way of describing it) into visiting the Central Library downtown. As I recently indicated, I like libraries, even though I am rather envious of a colleague with a Kindle , am considering getting a tablet for eBooks, and am a serial frequenter of second hand book shops.

The problem was that I simply wasn't organised for the library, Do you realise how frustrating it is to be in a library without your glasses!! Firstly you have to find the English language section (this is after all the Peoples Republic of China) and then books with large text which you can actually read. Actually not a problem ... I only had to find the kids section which is the entire first floor of the complex- you can hardly miss it !, and picture books for 3 year old's tend to have large print . It was academic anyway since my 3 year old son was more interested in what was going on in the activity rooms and in taking a ride in the glass lifts. Bottom line is, that like the TERMINATOR, we shall return next week because "he" is now booked an activity "session (?) (don't ask me - it was all transacted in Cantonese!!). So in addition to my glasses I will also be tooled up with my iPod preloaded with a selection of audio books - this may sound like carrying coals to Newcastle but there is a logic to it. It will allow me to multitask ie eyes can monitor whether #3 is endangering himself (or anyone else) whilst ears can listen to audiobook which will drown out the screams....

My biggest challenge with reading is simply finding time for it. It gets squeezed in at the weekends I am currently trying to read Click on images to see reviews: NB The Somme was given to me by a colleague whose grandfather like mine had served was in the British Army in India. Mine was also on the Western Front. Trader of Secrets is a library book and Floating Dragon is a second hand book.

On work mornings I support (sort of) team efforts to get my son off to school and me off to work in time. At work.....I generally "work", and after work I go home for "quality time" with my son after which (if not before), like a knackered nag I collapse knocked out on the couch until dispatched to bed. In fact during the week my only "available" free time" is when I am traveling to or from work and I have taken to listening to audiobooks and podcast on my iPod. I have found that short stories and comedy podcasts are easiest to listen to. (it's a function of journey time).


These I find and download primarily from Librivox which publishes recordings of books that have passed into the public domain .They tend to be classics. Occasionally I may down load a SFbook fromSFFAudio(good for going to mainland China and back which sometimes is an out of world experience)

. These Librivox recordings are currently on my "to do" list. Click on images to sample.


This is the sort of stuff I am listening to .... I am a Brit, with two Irish ex wives.... what more can I say ....

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