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I should be doing some catch up work this morning.. later perhaps....


Good inexpensive food is easy to get in Hong Kong which is a serious disincentive to cooking. That and fact that we choose to eat out on weekends means that neither my wife or I have been cooking recently. That may change.... DaydayCook is an asian equivalent to allrecipes albeit specializing in asian recipes. I think it's a cool site ... I can do this....bring on the wok


I have been meaning to take more exercise (apart from walking- benefit of living in HK and not having a car). Long time ago I did follow the 5BX Scheme.. sort off. I may start again. I may also try some of the exercises in these video's Do I sound convincingly committed ??


Having a family here obviously I take an interest in whats going on in Hong Kong both in terms of current and future news and events. Here are a few of my favorite sites (for some obscure reason this just came into my head - sorry)

The Shed

Basically I am jealous

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