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I had a moment ...I thought "why not share some highlights of my day" .... after all what's a blog for ...


Personally I think Google maps are slightly overrated with exception of Street view.. It's a cracker .. Nothing like having a look at where you are panning to go ... assuming the street view is up to date.

Now Mapcrunch is pretty cool and takes streetview to a new level. It lets you randomly drop in and explore places the other side of world (I am still doing this random thing.)And the best thing is if you get inspired there is a link (top right) to Instant Street View where you can go search for specific places. (good for holday planning)... well I know where i'm going next year ...

Japanese Weirdness

I thought I would catch up with my "Japanese Studies"... I don't know what else to call them.... but they are good fun... Its all about opening your mind to different cultural experiences. I had caught this recent article about wierd japanese pop videos so I took some time out this evening to watch and broaden my horizons. Four videos could my imagination

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