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I subscribe to the principle of beginning the day with a "proper"breakfast as opposed to just having cereal and coffee. During the week I either grab some Dim Sum on the way into work or get a egg + something sandwich from the canteen. When I first came to HK I discovered Dai pai dong's and the joy of Chow Mein (breakfast noodles) with chili sauce, meat/fish balls or tofu).

Exceptionally, on special days such as Chinese New Year and Xmass day I have been known make a politicaly incorrect fry up. When #2 son recently visited, he was treated on his first morning to canandian bacon, herb sausages, scrambed eggs,spice baked beans, mushrooms, french bread and coffee. (I hadn't patience to saute some potatoes). He didn't seem too upset that there was no white pudding, although he wistfully enquire after it.

Weekends breakfasts depends on what where we are going:

Of course we are not the only ones to have breakfast. The other week we watched Pilot Boat # 11 slipping out of the harbour and then coming back within a couple of minutes - clearly they forgot something ....The pilot ??... more likely the soy sauce for their breakfast noodles. We also watched Customs and Excise Cutter #2 pass through the harbour. Since we had previously seen a smaller customs boat hiding behind Magazine Island just of the tip of Ap Lei Chau, playing cat and mouse with passing fishing vessels it did occur to me that shielded by Ap Lei Chau Island #2 was sneaking through Aberdeen harbour to the eastern entrance from which they could pounce on passing vessels. On reflection though they were probably going to dock at the marine police base at other end of the harbour in order to get breakfast. Meanwhile we spied police launch #24 coming out the harbour, rounding the point and laying up about 250m offshore. They were probably going to have a picnic breakfast at sea (no room in police canten - full of customs officers) although it was possible that they were either

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