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Sunday has recently become more congenial. #3 son aged 4.5 has taken up martial arts specifically Taekwondo. And whilst he is enjoying his kicking and punching (down at community centre) my early mornings have become consequentially quieter and more relaxed.

it should be noted that #1 son has expressed extreme concern that I am neglecting his brother's cultural heritage in that I should have sent him for Wing Chun lessons instead. (This from someone who gave up early on judo!) He need not fear ... it will happen in due course!!!

After lessons, depending on the weather and our mood we may take a leisurely stroll down to the library or go visit the reservoir at Pok Fu Lam or Aberdeen, or alternativley hit to the beach for a couple of hours or go swimming in the pool.

After lunch we go home , have a little siesta , maybe spend some quality time playing, reading or doing a little project together. Since we came back from London, #3 has been building really good models of the Cutty Sark and Tower Bridge from memory using his magnetic bricks. I naturally provide appropriate encouragement and technical advice (which is always disregarded) This week end we are going to nurture our indoor garden. Before we went to London he had asked "HOW do tomatoes change colour?" (not WHY but HOW!!). We decided to grow some in order to find out.I am sure you can get Tomato seeds here in Hong Kong but I haven't a clue where so I brought 2 packs back with us from UK. and we planted them last Wednesday.

Late afternoon we take the bike out for a spin. #3 rides, contrary to estate rules , weaving in and out of the residents ambling through the gardens , sometimes engaging in speed trials with other kids, sometimes just racing the clock (#3 not the residents). I monitor from a distant vantage point whilst listening to podcasts.(got to give him space to develop his sense of independence!!) There is a network of similar fathers and mothers and between us we collectively cover the entire gardens just in case there is an incident .. such as security officer with an urge to enforce the rules.

And when he is tired we call it a day and go home (to watch the TV) and occasionally cook (black sausage, mash and beans is a favourites)...... and at work they wonder why I simply have no time to do anything over the weekend .....

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