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Middleburgh Reads WK1433

Haven't done this in a while !!

Number Stations

Opened up random/reddits this morning and got directed to mysteriesoftheworld reddit and discovered this post. Obviously a code ... Probably a job advert from the spooks recruiting code breakers . Brings to mind "Number Stations".... Oh happy days .....listening to "Mabel" belting out the numbers. FYI I think of all women whose names are unknown as "Mabel" More classy than .... "Tracy".

The American Mind

I was obviously in mood for random sites this morning. I clicked into randomwebsite and arrived here. This is scary for a couple of reasons: Firstly to misquote from "Casablanca" "Of all the gin joints (read: websites) in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine (read: I open this). Statically what is the probability...Frankly it brings into question how random "randomwebsites" is .. Secondly and more importantly the title forces one to confront the concept of the America Mind .... Isn't that mind blowing .. so we won't go there ... in fact after reading the first two lines of the article I tried the Google "Feeling Lucky" button and discovered in was mothers' day .. in Costa Rica ... now... that was more like it

Where Are We Going

Every a glutton for punishment I then tried randomyoutube and landed at Where Are We Going?" - Mob Of The Dead Cinematic Trailer (?) Well suffice it to say .. Mob of the Dead probably are (IMHO) not going anywhere career wise. On the other hand I am going to a beach on Lamma Island .

That was written at 8am. It is now 6pm .. Did the beach.. Lots of mainland Chinese tourists there. Wife mentioned that the lifeguards had gone on strike this week because of the main landers. Coincidentally this morning the lifeguards were discouraging swimming by asking people to stay out of the water because apparently spadenosed sharks reportedly prowling off the beach. Yeah right ......

I think time to check what Vlad the Lad is up to .....

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