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Middleburgh:2011 Beach Season

It was Grand National Day in the UK but here in Hong Kong the Parents Association at #3's School held its annual Spring Barbeque out at South Bay Beach. Effectively the summer beach season has started.(officially beaches were open on Aril 1st)

Last year we spent at least one morning each weekend at nearby local beaches (and we have a few to choose from). This year will no doubt be the same: Yesterday morning we checked out the beach accessories

So after breakfast we took the taxi down to South Bay Beach which is past the beaches at There was no problem finding the party amongst the trees on the beach. As expected there was a demographic bias in the families attending; mostly mixed families with fusion kids, expats (mainly american and australians ) and CA's (chinese Americans) from the west coast.

Australians had taken charge of the barbeque pits. Old hands (grandfathers) were briefing the next generation on the finer points of barbequing. The menu was simple

Kids under supervison took taking turn climbing climbable trees, catching crabs and paddling/swimming inside the shark nets

It was all very civilized - roll on next week !!!.

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