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Travelling is such a hassle and it's just got worse....What's the maximum number of devices you NEED on a trip ?? (emphasis on NEED not WANT!!) Computer, tablet and/or smart phone ? Perhaps only the smartphone...(there was a time when travelers just took a camera with them.. not even a phone let alone a computer.. oh happy days).

Mustn't forget the plug/adaptor and charger...or two, You never know if your partner will misplace one (I speak from experience) and God forbid your device is not charged, working and on the grid..... I mean ..how would the "man" track you !!....

And is your phone camera resolution good enough or should you take a real camera capable of high resolution closeups for wild life shots or document copying? and what about spare (charged) batteries??

Should you take a radio , an ipod for eBooks/music and/or a real physical book ??... A multi-band SW/AM Radio...definitely .. even if you have devices that will connect to internet you can guarantee that it will either be prohibitively expensive,ridiculously slow, censored/restricted and/or usage monitored and the TV in your hotel room will be just as bad...it might only have CNN as the token English channel. I always find that listening to Zimbabwean radio for news about Bona and Knuckles helps me sleep in strange rooms.

Now in my case I need glasses, not Google glasses but real ones - to help me read menu's and books. Now if push come to shove you can always read a good book whilst your devices are charging up and you are waiting for the next plane out or if necessary you can use as a basis for a book cipher to encrypt your shopping list.

Passport ... backlog of 500K ?? not going to go there....(mine arrived on time)

The key is to focus on essentials ... just take your swimwear, googles, inflatable ball, sunblock and insect repellant - and have fun by the pool !!! (and you thought this was going to be profound and insightful ??? )


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