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In 1958, after the "Munich Air Disaster" when 11players and staff were killed ,Manchester United recovered. And so shall we....

This week the staff canteen closed, saving the company the cost of it's subsidy and possibly improving employee health.

No longer shall I go downstairs to gaze in awe at the menu which listed such delights as "Beef and Fird Nobbles" (Beef and Fried Noddles), Pork Fids,Rice, Black Source (Pork Ribs) or Mixed Foods and Rice, (miscellaneous things near or past shelf life)

No longer the daily ritual where I ask the manager for "Set A", he counter proposed, I stick with A , he proposes an alternative,I threaten to leave. he concedes and I am served with something other than Set A.. Oh happy days.......

So the challenge now is to organise weekday lunches. Now it has to be said that in the past I have

But needs must when the devil drives so like Manchester we shall regroup rebuild and go forward. Need to organise In fact need to get on with this weeks lunches ... NOW !!!


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