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Apparently a healthy infant should be able to walk his "age" in miles ie if he is 2 he should be able to walk 2 miles without needing to be carried (or buggied). In Hong Kong most people including us use public transport and although we bought a lightweight collapsible buggy for him , as soon as he had mastered the art of walking, we passed it on to relatives..He now walks everywhere without any question. When we see bigger kids being wheeled around in buggies we stare wondering why ?? More than once Jamie has asked us whats wrong with such kids?? (we don't know) More than once exasperated parents have pointed to him and asked their bigger but embuggied children why they can't walk like him .....

It does have its down side though..... If you encourage your child to be physically active you have to be able to keep up... Easier said than done ( especially as you get older) .... The other week we decided to go on a little hike .... up to (Victoria) Peak .... from Pok Fu Lam. The peak at 552 m (1,811 ft), it is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island. Our start point at the bottom of Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road just above Cyberport was 140 m above sea level and the walking distance was 2.5K. (1.6Miles - NB Jamie is 3years 4months)

We enjoyed the flora and fauna on the way up. No reptiles or butterflies but the odd moth and bug ,some yellow puff balls and nice bracket fungi; (I have to get a decent field guide) and some parasitic ferns growing on trees.

P1040974 P1040988 P1040982 P1040991

After a short comfort break at the top. It wasn't so much the distance but the climb that did for me!! I have trouble on stairs these days ) we took the bus over to visit the Police Museum on Combe Road, After doing the museum but before walking down to Wan Chai Jamie field tested the equipment in the kiddies play area on Coombe Road whilst I similarly tested the seating arrangements !!. We then descended via the Wan Chai Gap Road into town, about another 1.3K and a sharp drop of about 230 m - Google maps doesn't recognise that the fastest way down from the Gap is straight down the hill .. literally . At this point because of the steep decent my legs were shaking. We went for a pizza (currently Jamie's preferred lunch) which he wolfed down .. the morning stroll had evidently given him a slight appetite.

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