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I am gutted that I missed this article in the Onion about the Kim Jong Un but I am pleased to see that The People's Daily was on the case. The accepted wisdom is that the editors took it at face value and didn't realise it was satirical, which is why they subsequently pulled the story. Not so ! Conspiracy theorists believe, that even though The Peoples Daily is the party's mouth piece, the editors fully understood , and were taking a calculated indirect swipe at party propagandists who push pieces which unreasonably laud domestic party bigwigs.

Similarly conspiracy theorists would have it, that a stooge at Wen Wei Po, a pro Beijing Hong Kong newspaper mischievously organised publishing an article based on a report to the recent 18th Communist Party Congress by Zhang Xiaoming, a deputy director of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office in which he darkly .
refers to "unnamed" external powers interfering in Hong Kong affairs. The accepted wisdom is that the publication is the new Central Government laying down markers for Hong Kong's future. Others however have suggested that the government may have just lost the plot and is being dysfunctional . The conspiracy view is even simpler : Reactionary forces within China seek to manipulate and provoke a crisis in Hong Kong in order to gain future political advantage in Beijing. ie in the shadows a power struggle continues between the forces of good and evil. Is Zhang Xiaming a player ?

This brings me to another topical article published today in Canada concerning the death of Arafat and whether the Israelis were involved.

I quote" To this day, ....., the circumstances of Arafat’s death in a French hospital are so murky that conspiracy theorists of all stripes have been able to gain traction with even the most far-fetched notions — most of them starring scheming Israelis."

Are these are other similar articles part of a concerted effort to further muddy the waters?? ...... who knows...... I am off down the pub....

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