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Middleburgh Comes to Pemberley

Today one of the most significant challenges facing international air travelers concerns what inflight entertainment they are going to watch, how and when. Forget about the quality of meals (and frankly Air France meals are best forgotten) or whether the seats are comfortable (they never are ...in peasants class) or how fit the stewardesses are (.....).

The key question is .. should passengers watch films on their own electronic devices and risk, if they are subsequently transferring flights, being forced to surrender their device and miss their transfer because they depleted their power, or should they simply suffer the inflight entertainment provided by their carrier. On a recent long haul trip to Europe it took me a precious 30 minutes to discover the exact hotspot on the touch screen to display the volume controls, which is in conflict with the goal of experienced air travelers who strive to get properly fed and watered and rested (zzz'd), to minimize toilet queuing time and maximize effective viewing time.

Normally I watch recently released films not yet shown on cable and then transition to TV programs as the flight ends. Invariably whatever I am watching as the plane comes in to land get obliterated by landing announcements and the moving map. It's like being "sent to bed" just before a world cup penalty shoot out. After my last trip I was so frustrated I Googled the program/series and episode I had been watching so I could watch the end and because it was part of a 3 episode series I also searched (via Baidu) for links to the other episodes,but could I find the second episode ....... I will just have to get the book or the DVD!1


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