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WAS I PISSED!! YOU BET! I have just discovered that YouTube was holding my viewing and search history for the LAST 6 YEARS!! I had read an article which suggested checking out Google Dashboard ....so I did....and was shocked!!!.

In truth I was more upset with myself for not being on top of this rather than with Google/YouTube although I have grave concerns about the depth of data held and its accessibility. In fairness Dashboard is a quite laudable attempt by Google at transparency and does provide tools to manage the data. In practical terms I immediately deleted both my YouTube viewing and search history, switched off (paused) future data capture and changed my account password.

My concern stem from the simple question "who benefits and how (from holding this data)?" As far as I can see there are four potential "beneficiaries"

these arguments can be made

I tend to be of the same opinion as John Mcaffe who "issued a call to arms against Google during the Defcon security conference in Las Vegas earlier this month. He said, “Google … would like us to believe that if we have nothing to hide, we should not mind if everybody knows everything that we do. If everybody knew everything about everybody else, what would human behavior become? We cannot have intrusions into our lives and still have freedom. And freedom is all I have. And it’s all you have, if you think about it.”"

So I thought ... F**K 'EM NO HISTORY HERE!! with the exception of the view history where other people have viewed my videos. I left that switched on even though 2 were of a political nature, mocking Nigel Farage (YES I AM A EUROPHILE AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT !!)

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