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I read a couple of articles this week which recommended Reddit as a site worthy of perusing. Always one to embrace new things (and occasionally old things!) I rummaged through the suggested links. These are the ones I found interesting . Says more about me that it does about Reddit (Profilers take note!!)


Well.. Let's be honest - they are .... !! Personally I am not a cat person although I have friends(?) and colleagues who are (each to his own I say). In truth I respect big cats especially those at large (or not) in the UK although I think the recent headline "Beast of Bodmin' photo is evidence big cats are breeding in the wild near Plymouth, it is claimed" is a bit of a stretch. Penzance , Falmouth, Newquay ... maybe.. but it is 71 miles from Gwinear in Cornwall to Plymouth in Devon. It should also be noted that I accept that cats can bond to people and may not be scared of dogs as is evidenced in this video The value of this Reddit lies in the "amusing" pictures and videos therein where the butt of the joke (the asshole) is more frequently the cats owner rather than the cat. Apparently it turns out that cat owners are smarter than dog owners. Now I am not particularly keen on dogs either and I wouldn't be surprised if there was research somewhere that showed that people who didn't own cats or dogs were even smarter (no doubt offset by other personality defects- don't I know it)


There are lots of special interest Reddits for example Screaming Fish (found a rapping goldfish here) and sexy avocados (nuff said) but the one that caught my imagination was "Birds with Arms". This is about as niche as you can get - take a picture/video of a bird and add human appendages. Who could not appreciate a Reddit with posts entitled "What do you mean "the pill didn't work"?!

Fifth World PICs

A more general Reddit with interesting images (you have to dig -based on counts- to find them) And if strange images are your thing, then Pareidolia might be for you. The blurb says "Pictures of things that look like something that it's not. Or sounds like something else. Or smells like something else.


Obviously if you are time constrained (as I frequently am) there are some key Reddits to visit. Using the Random link is like using the GOOGLE "I am feeling lucky" button. Today I got Cosplaygirls, yesterday I got Genealogy which had post entitled "I'll just be a few days honey...someone is wrong on the Internet (or, how I fell down a rabbit hole for a week sorting out incorrect family trees)" . Don't you just love it (BTW I really empathised with that one !!) Of course if you want to be a bit more structured you could try subreddit of the dayThis is based on readers recommendations or
subreditdrama No... its not about TV/Theatre Drama ....although it has an affinity with Soaps. According to the blurb It's a "place where people can come and talk about internet fights and other dramatic happenings from other subreddits." FIGHT!! FIGHT!!! FLAME & DIE !!! sigh..

Not Interesting

Perversely I find many of the posts here quite droll. Counter intuitively the posts tell the lie to the reddit title (or words to that effective) This contrasts with the posts in Pointless Stories where the content is as often as described on the package. Arguably this post would be a candidate for that reddit.There is of course one Reddit which would qualify as both "Not Interesting" and "Pointless" were it not for the pictures KIM YONG UN Now I must confess I am a fan boy. He is up there with Netanyahu , Putin and the like. The posts are a straight rip off from Rodong Sinsum: The Supreme Leaders Activities Cultist or what!! The images however go to the heart and soul of what is a meme

Such a rich source of material..........

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