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Nothing sexist about this .....

There a was woman from Middleburg Heights
Who was for ever getting into fist fights
She had punched out four men
And was on track for making it ten
When a passing policeman stopped and read her, her rights

I have absolutely no idea where that came from but it does make the post title relevant and it is a bit "fun"..... and why not.

Life is so serious these days what with Putin's boys taking down Malaysian planes all in the cause of his vision of "Ein Volk ein Reich ein F├╝hrer" and the Israelis killing children whilst blaming it on Hamas.

It could be argued that there are similarities between Gaza today and Warsaw in April 1943 when Jews resisted attempt by the Nazi's to liquidate the Ghetto. What do you expect if your turn Gaza into to a Ghetto and oppress population economically and militarily. It is particularly depressing that Government of Israel chooses not to take any responsibility for killing of the children and puts blame wholly on Hamas. There is no question that Hamas is a terrorist organisation which should be taken out like the cancer it is and of course Israel has the duty to protect it's citizens from the terror rockets and infiltration through tunnels. But do they have to kill children ? The reality is that it is Israelis who are pulling triggers which kill these kids and it matters not one jot that they don't mean to kill them. It does not even matter if the children had been involved in digging the tunnels. It's not as if Hammas fighters are standing at the Israeli soldiers shoulders directing their fire and forcing them to shoot. They have a choice and they seem to have forgotten their obligations set out in the Nuremberg Principles (especially Principle IV) Regrettably the state appears to have quit the moral high ground (and indeed may have ceded that years ago). The only redeeming factor in this shameful situation are the people posting to the IsraelLovesPalestine Facebook site

I am glad I got that of my chest and FYI ... I am jewish!!

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