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Middleburgh continuing to bring you insightful comment on topical issues . Mouse over the images and enjoy ....

cBlockerDesigned to give peace of mind by helping block your phone from undesired phone calls. I am sure this is of value... but not to me The only people who ring me (apart from the wife) are Chinese telemarketers who can't overcome the language barrier. I feel it's my mission in life to help them improve their English. Pity they can't do any thing about my Chinese.

Moon Orbits Sun Sensation OK it has been suggested recently that the editorial stance of the South China Morning Post is becoming more pro Beijing, which means we are now paying more attention to the HK Standard and lo what do we discover but that they have a kiddies English daily!! Oh National Curriculum eat you heart out !! We have been getting No3 the weekly one (My Little Paper) from the British Council but we are reconsidering. In Issue 133 which did a spread on the Moon (coninciding with the Mid Autumn festival) we found a little error . Well a big one in fact . The centre fold graphic had a caption box which stated "The Moon moves around the sun" dah ..... might explain why the UK space program lags behind that of .... the Chinese. (My wife sent the editors an email pointing out the erroneous caption but it does appear to have dissapeard down black hole - evidently they are celestially challenged)

Cut to the Chase
Big fan of dash boards I am . First thing in morning login : forget emails,yahoo news, the weather, just give it to me straight where are we under performing !! exception management rocks !!

If my page views don't go up chaps,yes i talking to you googley boys, I may leave the building and set up shop elsewhere .I know I have not been posting regularly but I've been busy on projects ... meeting deadlines (or not ) You know the story I ve been with you a long time , shown loyalty and havent been seduced by the Suckerberg etc .Make it happen!!

I have a plan !!
This is neat: visit a shopping mall near you ; get a copy of their floor plan , ignore copywrite and scan it (actually most malls don't have any copywrite statement) tidy up the image, hot spot the shop locations and link to the retailer's websites.Post to the web. Then go round to retailer's show them (and see if you get any freebies) or offers of work ....

Quote" Massium is an online platform that connects readers to bloggers and vice versa. Our mission is to make it easier for readers to find quality content based on their interests while helping bloggers promote their blogs" Quality content ?? well that lets me out then.

Mint Sauce!!
I heard on the radio today that Aberystwyth University has recently shut a student union bar.!! Aparently there is not enough demand - unreal!! - .It was claimed that the students are into coffee culture... bullshit!! -- either student loans are insufficient to cover beer money or the Union can't offer a competative rate per pint as compared to the local pubs . (or maybe everyone is drinking at the Agricutural College/College of Librarianship in Llanbadarn Fawr. Anyway the shock of it all reminded me of my first true love ....honest !!

Pomegranate Source !!As at the time of penning this (well two finger typing this) the top recipe was Lamb Loins with Pomegranate Sauce.In this nostalgic mood how could I resist!!. I just had to consult the recipes in allrecipes for a second opinion

eMail encryption
Personally I use OpenPGP but what ever .This is also an interesting read dealing with facebook messages

#3 son who is anglo-chinese and 4 years old is developing his chopstick skills. He can pick up peas and is working on his fly technique. As a true fusion kid he like pizza and "daddy's" potatoes. He prefers my mash over my saute'd spuds and expressed shock when I explained that some people buy mashed potatoes in packets instead of killing the potatoes themselves.

File Sharing
And finally something worthy ... maybe ..

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