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Jamie Middleburgh Goes To London

I am writing this on behalf of dad since nan has banned him from using the computer - but she said nuffing 'bout me (in London one day and already talkin' like a native!)

We were up at 6am, mum and me - cool, but dad uptight - he's not into flying. Took a taxi to Central - me and d'cabby discussed the Market in cantonese (dad is clueless). Took the Airport Express from Central - crawled under barrier and set of the alarm. No problems at Check In (but mum decided at the last minute to unpacked my emeregency trousers - just in case). Had a tiny tiff with her at the security barrier. She wanted me to put my car and teddy through the X Ray Tunnel. I declined and took the metal detector instead. Set off the alarm(2 for 2).The guard checked my motor and patted teddy down -actually squeezed the bejazus out of him. At Immigration the officer was suprised when mum gave my chinese name and she asked me if I spoke chinese.I said (in cantonese) that I did She gave me a big smile and waved us through - she was hot !! We then went to Macdonalds for my 3rd ever fish burger before taking another train to the gate. When we arrived people were already boarding. Mum took me for a pee to give dads blood pressure a boost whilst he got in queue!! When I got back I went over to the window and watched all the strange vehicles running about:

. Dad had forgotten that the last time I was here I was only 11 month old - before I discovered vehicles.

On board I had a window seat and mum showed me the wing before belting me in. I didn't need a baby harness, but Would have appreciated a booster to see out the window as we took off. The kiddies jolly bag (a cathay/disney production) was worth waiting for the seat belt light to go off - stickers, drawing books and colored pencils, a puzzle etc - Pity mum and dad had blown the bank buying similar "amusements". It wasn't long after, that my kiddie brunch turned up: pancakes and sausages; I liked the sangers but the pancakes were not as good as dads !! When mums brunch arrived I nailed her bun and when she finished eating we went through the jolly bag after which I grabbed some Z's (oh to dream of London's fair city etc ) - its a 12 hour flight you know only broken by expeditions to the toilets!!!

When I woke up, and after pasta and tomotos sauce dinner - yummy, mum deployed her japanese cardborad cut out book and assembled a london bus and a police car for me and I colored them with crayons dad had brought; has a play with my white car; watched/listened to Fantasia on the movie system: really impressed with the system: enjoyed sitting on dads lap and pressing the pause button EVERYtime his movie got to a climax -such fun. Then discovered a button to call the stewardess -she was hot! (dad told me to stop and wait till I was older if I wanted to play with air hostesses)

Then the boy (my age) sitting in row behind dad came up, introduced himself (in cantonese) and asked if we could play so we sat down in the isle and convened the CX525 PlayGroup before squeezing into seat next to mum to play cars. Play was suspended when the seat belt light came on and landing was announced. I was summararily strapped in, got poppy ears and couldn't see out window - not a happy camper.

Anyhow we landed, disembarked and made our way to Terminal 3 immigration hall - a souless cavern. Because we didn't have a baby buggy we weren't invited to the special queue so we joined the snake congering its way to the desks where a lady officer looked at my passport photo and commented that I had changed - well I was only 10 months old when that photo was taken . Last time dad went to china on the way out he was asked if he had some other form of identification because the officer there thought he didn't look like his passport photo - obviously runs in the family!! We got our bag and went looking for our prehired taxi. Big black SUV - would have prefered a silver one. Mum and dad were complaining about the weather - too sunny and hot - just like HK - can't please some people.

The drive was uneventful - well for me it was - I slept which was just as well because we got caught in a traffic jam on the North Circular at Southgate due to road works - I do recollect that dad started muttering somfin' 'bout fird world countries ...

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