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Sepp Blatter and Robert MugabeWhat's the link between Robert Mugabe, Sepp Blatter and Muamar Gaddafi (apart from they are all miserable toe rags!!)

Sepp Visited Mugabe this week ostensibly to support Zimbabwean Football to the tune of $1.5M US. Apparently Zimbabwean football is mired in match fixing scandals. There is no truth in the rumour that he was the bagman delivering a payoff to someone ??

The twitterati as expected have commented unfavourably on the visit drawing comparison between the two men. It has been suggested in some quarters that Blatter went to consult with Comrade Mugabe about various aspects of corruption and impropriety. This is of course completely untrue. There is NOTHING that Robert can teach Sepp on the subject. An alternative school of thought has suggested that the two met to share tips on how to ignore world public opinion. This also is untrue - both believe that the British government and its agents are responsible for manipulating world opinion against them and thus it has no value and can safely be ignored. Yet another view is that Blatter went to invite Mugabe to join his dream team (Fifa' Solution Committee with Kissinger, Cruyff and Plácido Domingo) to whitewash FIFA.(think about it!!) Again not true Robert's interest in football is nil; Blatter had been scheduled to accompany him to a women's international match against Malawi, but officials said later that Mugabe did not attend because of a scheduling conflict - yeah right !!

So what is the true story behind Blatter's visit .. was it because as he said "Football is more than kicking a ball" . Indeed it is and I can now reveal the true story...To understand what's going on however, you need to take on board three other related stories...

Firstly it was revealed (although it's common knowledge), that Robert Mugabe is clocking up the air miles. PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has spent at least two months out of the country in the first half of the year, draining the little revenue collected, in what critics claim are needless trips. The story behind the story is that Mugabe has either reduced the country to such a desperate state that even he does not want to stay in the country for any protracted period. Pity the average Zimbabwean. The alternative hypothesis is that the army looking to the future is no longer on side and he would rather be outside the country when the crap hits the fan and it all comes apart.

The second story is about Muamar Gaddafi. Although Libyan Government sources deny it, Loony Tunes is desperately looking for somewhere to pitch his tent out of NATO's reach The Russians for one are trying to do the biz with his mate Robbi and make the deal and the American's have indicated they would not object to him going to Zimbabwe . And why not.... Robbert has virtually turned the country into a concentration camp...

The third story is the key: Last week, the Libyan National Football Team did a runner .or in other words they defected en block. Now as is well known the national Football team was Gadaffi's pride and joy. His son even used to play for the team. When they went over to the anti-government side it took the stuffing out of him ..it has broken his will to continue . From his perspective there is nothing left worth fighting for in Libya so he might as well get out while he can if a deal can be struck

So how does all this fit together. Well because of his extended stays outside the country Mugabe is becoming rather like an absentee English Landlord. If Mugabe can get Gadaffi to come and live in Zimbabwe, then when he is out of the country he can claim that there is still a president in residence namely President Gadaffi. .Moreover Gadaffi will no doubt bring with him some of the ill gotten oil assets he looted from the Libyan people which will do very nicely thank you to replace the Zimbabwean peoples assets which were likewise looted by President Mugabe (it has a certain symmetry don't you think) .

Now whats in it for Gadaffi ....apart from somewhere to pitch his tent. THE ZIMABWE FOOTBALL TEAM!! He gets the opportunity to manage and mold the team to replace the one that just run away and that why Sepp Blatter was really in Zimbabwe. He was there on behalf of FIFA to facilitate the smooth transfer of Gaddaffi into position.

And whats in it for Sepp :Well he will be guaranteed the Zimbabwean Football Association's vote especially to defeat any future motion for change from the UK FA It was obvious wasn't it !!


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