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photograph by Patrick Middleburgh Just suppose for a moment, that you were flying from Europe to Cairns to frighten the crocodiles, or indeed you are simply returning home from Australia after seeing "The Reef"...... Because it's a long trip you might decide to break your journey in Hong Kong...... What to see .. what to do...? Well if anyone asked me (which under the circumstances is unlikely I know) I would have suggested flying via Singapore .. but anyway ...

The Asia World Arena next to the airport hosts big name concerts, so an option would be to book a hotel near airport or up the road at Disneyland and take in a concert. Last week Eric Claptonwas performing. Obviously the downside with booking a hotel by the airport is that its not central for shopping although the airport express into town is fast.(approx 15mins) but the upside is that if you in the Disneyland Hotel you have access to the Park and near to both is the Ngong Ping cable car which takes you up to Po Lin Monastery and the Buddha

Short stayer visitords typically come to shop and after (a traditional Chinese) dim sum breakfast they wanna hit the shopping districts. My recommendation is to start West,travel East and remember that most shops don't open till 10:00am

There are Multiplex Cinemas at Pacific Place , Time Square and Tai Koo which means if you are shopped out, jet lagged you can slip in catch a film or some zeds. NB You can also go skating in Tai Koo Shing.

For those of you who are into electronic gizmos like phones and computers you should visit

Lets assume you have either taken you shopping back to the hotel or cached it somewhere. Left Luggage Facilities are thin on ground in HK. For items bought at larger and/or more reputable stores you can see if you can arrange to come back and collect items later. You can get a good meal in any of the malls and you you need a drink you can try the East End Mirobrewery at Quarry bay (near Tai Koo ) or if you prefer a bar in town just go back to

IMG_2029In the evening it is required that all tourists go down to Victoria Harbour, see the light show , take the Star Ferry over to Tim Sha Tsui and walk down the prom to get their photograph with Bruce Lee. Having done so tourists should make their way in an orderly fashion to Mong Kok to visit

Hong Kong is a 24*7 city so if you can't sleep you can always take in a late movie after clubbing and pubbing and/or doing the night markets but lets assume you collected you shopping at a civilized hour and returned to your hotel for bobo's (forgoing any exotic room services)

On sunday you can do it all again or you can take things easy and do something sporting or cultural. Last weekend you could

Of course the problem last weekend (which is why I would have recommended Singapore ) is that it was spectacularly cold. In fact January 2011, Hong Kong was the coldest since 1977 and February definitely merited thermal underwear. (Sogo in Causeway Bay has a particularly good international selection !!). Fortunately the weather has improved so a visit on way back home would not be so challenging.

But then again Singapore beckons ; Be serious ... could you really pass up the opportunity to visit the site of the Changi POW Camp !!

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