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A more accurate description than "Light Reads". The latter implies a vist to the "Middleburgh" local library and if this week's reading selection from the library for #3 son is anything to go by (approx 5kg) it is anything but light!!.

For those who find this post a bit "dry" I recommend mousing over the images for the supplementary Well I had fun writing them!

BAD APPLE!! Bullies who gets support at home often behave like spoilt brats when they gets told off at school. Is it any wonder then that Apple, who doesn't want to share the pie with anyone else, throws its financial weight arround, whines that every one else is cheating and is backed up at home by the US courts, behaves like a truculent 4 year old when it gets a rebuke by the British Courts. Screw 'em - overpriced , anticompetative and a blight on consumer choice. Here is a link to the print version of the "apology" and here is the revised online version. (until December 14 2012 and then on general release ALL OVER THE NET)

"Foldable.Me" Originally I thought these would make a neat Xmass cards.Understandable mistake.I mean why would I want an model of myself!. Being an egotist, surely I would want to give others a model of ME. I then clocked the unit price and realised I am not that much of an egotist!!, but then I thought .. why not use a photo of a loved one (or a prospect for a New Year's eve leg over) and send them a personalised Xmass present. Perhaps "Folderble.U" might be more appropriate "Trades As" name.

WendyGate!! Last week the New York Times got blocked in China for reporting Wen's family fortunes. This week Sky reporters got manhandled for reporting protests in Ningbo about petrochemical polution.

4 points can be inferred from this.Firstly a vigerous and free press which uncovers potential corruption and misfeasance is rightly feared by those who have something to hide, and should be valued and supported.(NB Wen has issued a denial about family through HK "solicitors"). Secondly there is an obvious need for a mandatoryregister of financial interests of public officials (and their families) in China like the website in Zhejiang .
Thirdly environmental controls and their enforcement in China are questionable .The US consulate in Guangzhou publishes (for the benefits resident US citizens) air quality data much to the annoyance of local authorities.
And lastly it is apparent that the proletarian masses (aka plebs) contined to challenge the vested interested of chinese officals and bureaucrats. Trotsky made 2 comments on Soviet bureaucracy which might equaly apply to China

Project Manager Wanted In the end Project Management is all about people skills. Things like team building, getting group and individual buy in to project goals and objectives, motivating and harnessing team member skills to deliver quality deliverables fit for purpose on time and within budget etc etc Have you ever worked with a project manager who went to the Sith School of Project management ?? If so you may empathise with the video clip

CucumberTown There are those of us who eat to live and those (including me) that live to eat. The key question is not whether you are one of the former or latter but whether you are a diner or are just COOKING !!

Kick it Out!!I monitor my blog logs and last week noted a visitor to a page mentioning my cus' the Dentist, The visitor came via the League Medical Association website which I presume is recruiting members.( a worthy institution no doubt!!) Peter... It's all about being recognised in the right places !!!!

Kolibri OS I was clearing out old bookmarks and I rediscovered this. Although I run Ubuntu variants (linux) on machines at home I had/have a fascination for "small' non windows operating systems.I have played with both Haiku which is a BeOS inspired and Kolibri from Russia which coming in at 2.8MB beats TinyCore's 11MB hands down... and is pretty cool!

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