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Bona Mubabe Pictures

The picture they tried to stop you seeing As evidenced by the number of hits since 14 November against a post I made in January 2009 and the search arguments by which people found their way there, it would appear that a lot of people are looking for up to date pictures of Bona Mugabe.

Just to put things into context I actually made 2 and a bit posts about Bobby, Grace and Bona, specifically

Now the reason for the burst of interest lies in fact that last Tuesday 15 November the doting parents of Bona attended her graduation at City university, in Hong Kong where she recieved a Bachelor in Business Administration with honours in accountancy. There are no public photos of the occassion and the only press organisation present to witness the event was the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (that well known bastion of a independent and free press)

What is most interesting is that the Zimbabwean press have only used old photos of Bona like the one on the left. Now you have to ask the question why? . One possible expanation (for the conspiracy crowd) is that her "profile " is deliberately being kept low so that she doesn't get harrassed and hounded by the press (in particular the British Press) Another explanation is that like everyone else they don't have an up to date photo.

There is however a simpler explanation.. one which is both politically incorrect and judgemental. After an extensive and deep trawl of the internet I finally found a reasonable copy of what is I believe is the most recent public snap of Bona (which the zimambwe official press is studiouly ignoring). Compare and contrast with previous picture. You may disagree but if you think her father looks debauched consider what Bona might look like in 10 years... 'nough said.

Still we all lose our youthful bloom eventually and it's what we do with our lives that matters. According to her father she is going to Singapore to "enrol for articles to become a chartered accountant". Whose choice was this I wonder? is a part of a plan ?

I mean if you ripped of the assets of a country, and your wife was an airhead who couldn't hang on to the family bolt hole, wouldn't you want a trained accountant in the family to manage the loot ??. Maybe all the interest in Bona is really a consequence of fact that she seems destined to control the Zimbabwe family fortune ?? perhaps she will give it all back ... nah!!

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