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Middleburgh Has Noodles Attack


Did you ever get a craving for something to eat .... You know.... like the Steak and Kidney Pudding you remember from school lunches when you were a kid (when school lunches would make even Jamie Oliver swoon with delight) ... or the beef noodles that that you had one lunchtime back in August down a side street in Xi'an that was so good that you whipped out your camera to photograph the evidence just in case ....

Today is such a day !!! am I pregnant I wonder ?? perhaps not

noodles 9(Click for more)

There are few eateries I would recommend visitors to in Xi'an.. Not that there aren't good places to go.. It's just that I can never remember where the bloody hell they are.I had to ring a colleague in Xian today just to ask her where she took me !!

Would I recommend this place ... well you will need an interpreter... and the decor is working class post cultural revolution .. but the noodles are to die for ....

It's on the corner of Dong Cang Men [ 东仓门 ] and Dong Xian Men. Tell them Dave sent you !!
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