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Wake Up callIntroduced by a colleague. more: Special Ad Sections; bottom of left hand navbar - AdCritic.com
Be On ScreenBoys ... please finish university first!!
Derelict LondonWhen I was VERY VERY young my mother occasionally took me down to Brick Lane in the East End and I remember seeing derlict bomb sites. This web site was down today because it is getting so many hits it has exceed it available bandwidth.
My Old HouseCoincidently the house in Wanstead where I used to live was also bombed in by the Luftwaffe. I didn't log this on this on the site nor the fact that after the house was rebuilt the previous owner's son died in a plane accident. They kept his room like a shrine. The first night we moved in, the bathroom door (so I was told) slammed shut and jammed .. then later my parents heard sounds as if someone was having a bath... When the door was forced ... !!!
Tube TalkOf course, here in Hong Kong, it helps if you understand cantonese.
LindisfarneThe British Library is just SO cool!!
Rock ArtWell, I find this sort of stuff interesting!
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