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Middleburgh's Generation 1

This post list my fathers siblings (except the baby that died) and my cousins or more precisely those that I should know and/or can remember. I have a cousin Lew (Lou?) who was an unpretentious and t otally nice guy wholived in Ilford. I hope he, and any one else concerned, will forgive me but I realise that that I don't know exactly how we are related - problem with a big family revised 15 August 2006

Charles Middleburgh

Born: 1894(?); Died: 1927 and buried in Enfield Jewish Cemetery (720802,K,24,19)
The eldest scion, Dad told me reverential stories about how he studied medicine late into the night.

"Tini" Middleburgh

This was not her real name; Apparently she was tall and leggy hence the nickname: Unfortunately I can't really remember her; She died in a car accident whilst on holiday in the South of France.

Rose Middleburgh

This is another aunt who I can't really remember, although I do remember her daughters Joan and Betty. Betty (or Joan ??)had a daughter called Susan who married Kenny a (kosher) butcher, now caterer. My mother liked Joan & Betty but for some reason she and they fell out much to Mum' regret

Maurice Middleburgh

Morrie married Golda who died in 1997. They lived in Birtmingham (Solihull); Their son Stanley who died in 1994 married Sheila. He was a doctor(?) and has a library named after him. They had two sons (and a daughter ?) one of the sons has exactly the same names as me, which makes google searches interesting (in fact I am actually very flattered that he was named after me :) ) The other son(?) Jonathan was a barrister but is now an occupational psychologist.

Hyman Middleburgh

aka Yi Middleburgh) died in 1987. He was a dentist; senior Free Mason and Justice of Peace. He lived in Hove, Sussex.He was married twice; His first wife Dorothy (Dotty) passeed away Their daughter Pamela,married a Canadian pilot (?) Ted Weseloh and she movedto London,. Ontario where she died aged 76, in 2004. Her daughter Linda visited us before I went to university I believe she married Alain Dumas of Quebec and has two children Daniel and Andrea.

Uncle Yi remarried Elizabeth and their son is the Rabbi Charles Middleburgh. Allegedly we used to look like twins although I can't see it myself. However one Monday morning a colleague who had been to a barmitzvah over the weekend congratulated me on the excellent job I had done. Charles's wife Gillian was until very recently Chief Clerk; Private Secretaries Office to HM Queen Elizabeth II

Sydney Middleburgh

Youngest Scion. (not to be confused with the former labour councillor for Goodmays).Died in 1993 of a heart attack whilst swimming at Spiders Web Hotel Watford.Coincidently my then brother-inlaw was a manager there

During WW2 uncle Sidney was a bombardier in the RAF. After the war he went into business with Uncle Archie and then branched out on his own as an interior decorator (he helped my parents decorate our Wanstead home in particlar the living room.) Latter he set up an insurance business which his children were still running at least a year ago.

He married Sybil had 2 daughters Suzanne and ruth who both idolized him. Both suffered famously from Crohn's disease.I vaguely remember visiting Aunty Sybils step father Lap's workshop where he made (Russian) fur coats (before it was politically incorrect).

Suzanne never married and is a luminary in the Finchley Bridge Club Ruth married James Adley and they have 2 children (who I have never met) Natasha (Birmingham University) and Joshua.

Jack Middleburgh

There are two deaths recorded in the London registries for Jack Middleburgh's . I am not sure which relates to my Uncle They are 1985 and 1987

Uncle Jack used to live in Upper Clapton; He did the accounts for Uncle Archie, my father and others (he didn't race motorbikes). He married Raie ( I remember her glasses well) ; At weekends Dad would take me on duty calls to visit Uncle Jack and Auntie Maude (who lived opposite). Uncle Jack used to buy me books every couple of weeks, which stimulated my appetite for reading. Their daughter Angela married Alan Simmonds and they had a daughter Meryl. Alan unfortunately died and Angela remarried.

Cissy Middleburgh

Married Morrie Sales and had two children; A daughter who died as a teenager during an asthma attack and a son, Howard who married an Israeli, Rutti and made (I am told )a million (twice). I seem to remember he studied "fluidics" at university.I am told he has two sons, a policeman and an aspiring film director. When she was younger auntie Cissy was a court photographer .Not sure whether QE2 or QMum

Mini Middleburgh

Married Archie Shine who set up a small furniture factory just around corner to Jewish Day School in Upper Clapton Road, a stones throw from my fathers warehouse and just round the corner to Uncle Jack and Aunty Maude. Definately not in the IKEA class his furniture won awards and was shown in museums such as Guggenheim in New York.

Their son Ian studied medicine (at Cambridge??) and latter went to to the US to do research.He had 2 daughters (whom I never met).Anna is an educator who takes after her grandmother. Her sister Catherine died during an asthma attack. Ian successfully sued the hospital for malpractice

Maude Middleburgh

She married Nat Mallack, a London cabby and had a daughter Claire, who had red hair,went to Exeter university and met her husband Harvey Lapatus whilst working at Marks and Sparks I still have negatives of photos I took at their wedding when I was aged about 14 and in my photography phase. Uncle Nat died of a heart attack whilst sitting in a taxi rank waiting for a fare. He was my favorite uncle - well someone has got to do it! . I used to enjoy going over for Hanukah meals at Aunty Maudes.

Stella Middlebugh

She is still going strong at 90+ full of vim and vinegar. Good for her !! Pity she doesn't think the sun shines out of my arse.

She married Jack Rabin and had 2 sons Peter and Graham who who went to school in Harrow (but not at the "Harrow")

Both followed in Uncle Yi's footsteps (unlike his own son) and became dentists.Peter runs a practice in Stanmore . I only met his wife Francine a couple of times but I thought she was a treasure.

Peter remains an avid Spurs supporter.When I was younger my father used to take me alternate weeks to watch Arsenal and Spurs. The Middleburgh family en mass had a number of season tickets for both teams. Different sections of family favoured different teams The Rabins were in a minority supporting Spurs. My father, Uncles Jack, Sydney (and Ruth) were Arsenal supporters.

Graham has 2 surgeries; one in St Albans and the other in Harley Street; His wife Evonne used to ran catering business. Graham appears to have got involved in local politics. Who would have thought that "waste disposal" would be a cause close to his heart.

Daniel Middleburgh

Last but not least - my father who died in 1990 of a heart attack after a shopping trip to Sainsbury's. Of him, his, and mine, read Middleburgh's Part 2 ......

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