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Weekend Walks

There is a preception amongst European non residents I have spoken to that HK is a bustling, overcrowded city with people living cheek by jowl,no doubt reinforced by, images of high rise, high density residential complexes, and the teeming crowds on the streets in the commercial districts which resemble Oxford Street on a Sales day.

This view does not reflect the country parks managed by the Government

At weekends and on holidays when the weather is neither too humid or hot, I often (sometimes - my consience is looking over my shoulder ) go walking in the parks behind Aberdeen or Pok Fu Lam.. There are lots of walking trails in these parks and it's possible (amonst others)


If you have masochistic tendencies you can start in Wan Chai and come the other way but the path is incredibly steep (I have done it and its like climbing Ayres rock)

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