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It was a given when I started this blog that I would have difficulty in maintaining it regularly. In reality I lead a quiet life where work and sleep consume the bulk of my time and whilst the intention had been to share with my family Hong Kong experiences and news, in the Alistair Cooke mode, in practice I haven't the words to capture the "magic"adequately.

In keeping however with the intent, I think it is worth mentioning the impact of Korea on Hong Kong aka the Kimchi effect

You would have thought that Hong Kong would be preoccupied with mainland affairs; the Acting Chief Executive's Bow Ties and what he can or can not do over the next two years.


The key concern for many in the territory is what will happen next in " The Jewel in the Palace" . This is a 54 part Korean TV series (?70 in HK) which is politically correct with a heroine who overcomes hardships and prevails. Coincidently in the battle for the TV ratings the opposing channel has been forced to screen "The Legendary Policewoman" whose creditials are equally Korean and PC .... but which is only 14 episdodes long.

This Korean cultural assault has serious ramifications ie in my case if there is a viewing clash I have to video "my program" and see it "later" and I am subject to immediate expulsion orders if I ask for concurrent translations (there are no english subtitles) In fact normal conversation is suspended. I am sure variations of this are occuring all over HK. Fortunately video rental shops stock the series so that in an emergency a missed episode can be seen. We have just realised that the DVD versions (but not VCDs) have English subtitles so I am planning a serious catch up session myself.

NB The Korean Tourist Board is seriously capitalizing on the series see hereClearly an opportunity to promote Sudan 1 free Kimchi big time.

Korean cinema films are also popular in HK (production values/plots etc are suprisingly good) and they are a nice counterbalance to local/chinese films

The following is a list of the Korean films that I have seen

My Sassy Girl 2001Excellent
Marrying the Mafia 2002This and following appealed to my sense of humour
My Wife's a Gangster 2001
The Classic 2003 This and following done by same director as "Sassy"
Windstruck 2004
My Tutor Friend 2003
Memories of Murder 2003Based on a true murder in Korea
Shiri 1999This and following are Korean cold war films
Joint Security Area 2000
Musa 2001Martial arts
The Way Home 2002different

Additionally Channel V and the local TV stations air Korean pop music and videos which I also think are surprisingly good. (but can I find a decent site to link to - not a chance)

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