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Why you ask go to Brighton ?

It seemed appropriate to visit after Eddie’s wedding. When I was at university, in Aberystwyth, I used to visit some weekends I would take overnight sleeper via Crewe on a Friday night; party on Saturday and train back Sunday night. (this is when the trains ran on time and student tickets where cheap). Happy days.

The HK seaside is not like Brighton: No Victorian sea front; pier or amusement arcade or Brighton Rock; No pebbles and no cold rough water (makes me appreciate what I now have)

The Royal Pavilion, a regency palace with a Chinese theme (or at least what the regency period understood to be Chinese). Having a better appreciation of Chinese culture even I could pick out how inaccurate it is. (Dragons with wings; pictures without chops) Fascinating

Brighton is where I had my first Chinese meal ever. I was about 5 years old and Uncle Yi took Mum, Dad and I for a meal(There is a significant chinese population in Brighton) Uncle Yi took us to a Chinese restaurant when I was very little and I wouldn’t eat. I wanted to wait for next course (something better), which wasn’t coming since in the style of English Chinese meals everything is served at same time. (In China courses are frequently served sequentially which only goes to show)

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